Friday Night Concerts

9:00p. Exit 128

Performance Hall.  75 minutes.
Exit 128, the new student-lead contemporary music ensemble based out of Mizzou, performs a program of new works.  Include chamber pieces as well as pieces for the entire ensemble.

10:30p. Night of the Living Dead

Performance Hall.  90 minutes.
Truman musicians will improvise the score to the 1968 indy-horror-classic which will be projected on the OPPH stage.

Saturday Concerts

4:00p. Clarinet Mini Recital.

Choral Room (2350). 20 minutes.
Jesse Krebs is joined Lok Ng (piano), Elaine AuBuchon (oboe) and Julianna Moore (flute) in a program of 3 new works, all premieres. Video introductions will be given by the composers.

4:30p. Electronic Music Working Group

Choral Room (2340). 20 minutes.
Truman’s synthesis research group will present a concert of improvisation using some of their recent instruments with live video manipulation.

5:00p. Uncommon Practice.

Choral Room (2350). 20 minutes.
Truman State University’s new music ensemble bows for their first performance in a mixed program of recent compositions.

7:00p. Pre-Concert Discussion with Kala Pierson

Performance Hall. 30 minutes.
Featured guest composer Kala Pierson  talks about her new work for Cantoria.

7:30p. New Music Concert.

Performance Hall. 80 minutes.
A concert of new works performed by Truman musicians including the University Orchestra, Saxophone Quartet, a Woodwind Duet, and a String Trio. The program will close with Radiant Sea, Kala Pierson’s new composition for Cantoria.

In the Art Gallery

Ongoing. New works of Electronic Music

TSU Art Gallery (located in Ophelia Parrish).
Eleven new works curated by Dr. Robert Martin installed in the Gallery along with new visual art by Aaron Fine. View notes for this installation.


Friday Presentations with Kala Pierson

9:30a. The Work of a Composer

Choral Room (2350). 50 minutes.

A presentation by 2016 Guest Composer Kala Pierson

10:30a. Creating Radiant Sea

Choral Room (2350). 50 minutes.

Guest Composer Kala Pierson explains where she drew inspiration for this year’s commissioned work, Radiant Sea. She will also discuss the process of creating and refining the piece.

12:30p. Open Rehearsal of Radiant Sea

Performance Hall. 50 minutes.

Kala Pierson works with Truman State’s Cantoria on this year’s commissioned piece. She will offer suggestions on how she envisioned the piece and help the ensemble with their performance. The rehearsal is open to the public.

1:30p. Composition Master Class

Choral Room (2350). 50 minutes.

Kala Pierson leads a master class for composition students at Truman.

4:30p. Open Rehearsal with Uncommon Practice

Choral Room (2350). 50 minutes.

Kala Pierson sits in on a rehearsal with Uncommon Practice, Truman’s New Music Ensemble. She will help them rehearse her piece, Broadloom, and offer suggests about its performance.